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Being diagnosed with an eye condition can be very confronting. It is our goal at The NSW Eye Centre to provide you with exceptional care in a friendly and supportive environment. Our nurses and support staff will always be on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your condition and your treatment.


Cataract Surgery
Dr Domit Azar
Dr John Byrne
Dr Raj Chalasani
Dr Barry Den
Dr Richard Ho
Dr Tess Huynh
Dr James Jabbour
Dr Mark Jacobs
Dr Yves Kerdraon
Dr Peter Kim
Dr Janet Lee
Prof Peter McCluskey
Dr Susan Mulligan
Dr Con Retsas
Dr Caroline Ross
Dr Sarya Saks
Dr Jeremy Smith
Dr Michael Steiner
Dr Harry Stern
Dr Brighu Swamy
Dr Sureka Thiagalingam
Dr Gina Tsanaktsidis
Dr Hughie Tsang
Dr Alfred Wechsler
Dr David Wechsler
Dr Ian Wechsler
Dr Season Yeung
Dr Julie Yip
Dr Bogna Zborowska


Dr Malcolm Capon
Dr Jeremy Smith (for Intravitreal injections)
Dr Gina Tsanktsidis

Dr Anne Lee
Dr David Wechsler

Dr Caroline Ross
Dr Jeremy Smith
Dr Hughie Tsang

Dr James Genge
Dr Yves Kerdraon
Dr Peter Kim
Dr Tess Huynh


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